Ford calls for clarity on ‘On The Runs’

Alliance Party Leader David Ford has called for clarity on the UK Government’s plans for an amnesty for people still being sought for terrorist offences.

The South Antrim MLA stated: “The UK Government has been working on legislation concerning ‘on-the-runs’ for at least four years now. There are widespread concerns in the community that this legislation will amount to a simple amnesty, without any recourse to the legal system to establish guilt.

“People have every right to demand consistency on this matter. If those imprisoned are let out on licence, why should those who escaped imprisonment not be subject to the same arrangements? If it is right to deal with extradition of the ‘Colombia Three’ immediately, why should ‘on-the-runs’ not also be made subject to the law?

“The entire political process is being undermined in most people’s eyes by gross hypocrisy and inconsistency on matters such as these. It is time the Government came clean and injected some integrity back into the process.”


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