Ford announces that Alliance is putting Omagh bomb on Assembly agenda

Alliance Leader David Ford has announced that his party is putting the issue of an investigation into the Omagh Bomb on the Assembly agenda next week. The motion will be debated in the Assembly on Tuesday 14 October at 3.15pm.

David Ford said: “The people of Omagh have a right to know the full facts about the tragic events of Saturday 15 August 1998.

“This bombing resulted in the biggest loss of life throughout the whole of the troubles and any right-thinking person should support this call for total disclosure of all information about the incident.

“Clarity and a full account of events are the least that those affected by the bomb deserve. People’s lives were ripped apart by this bombing and victims continue to suffer because of all the unanswered questions. Given the cross-border aspects of the crime, many will not gain closure without a full cross-border investigation process.

“This process simply has to be legally-binding to ensure that no details can be withheld. People deserve the whole truth, not some politically expedient report on events.”

Michael Gallagher, Chairman of the Omagh support and self-help group said: “The inquiry into Omagh is not just important to the Omagh families, but to everyone in this island and beyond.

“We should learn what was done well and what was not done well, and those lessons should be passed on to others so that we are better prepared for any future terrorist attack or disaster. The inquiry should never take away from those who were responsible for planning and preparing this evil act.”


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