Ford announces Assembly Spokesperson team

Alliance Leader David Ford has announced Alliance’s new Assembly Spokesperson Team saying Alliance will continue to deliver change in government and right across the Assembly.

David Ford said: “We have returned with a larger Assembly team and we have increased the number of Ministers we have in government.

“I am very pleased to announce this strong team of Assembly Spokespersons across all government departments. People voted for change and all Alliance representatives will continue to work for change and will work to deliver a shared future and deliver growth in our economy.”

List of Alliance Spokespersons:

OFMDFM – Chris Lyttle MLA

Agriculture – Kieran McCarthy MLA

Education – Trevor Lunn MLA

Employment and Learning – Chris Lyttle MLA

Environment – Anna Lo MLA

Finance – Judith Cochrane MLA

Culture, Arts and Leisure – Anna Lo MLA

Enterprise, Trade and Investment – Trevor Lunn MLA

Health – Kieran McCarthy MLA

Justice – Stewart Dickson MLA

Regional Development – Stewart Dickson MLA

Social Development – Judith Cochrane MLA


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