Ford angry about UK Border Agency

Alliance Leader David Ford has said that the failure of the UK Border Agency to engage with MLAs is a shameful and serious questions need answering. He said that today’s news of big bonuses for some staff in this failing organisation underlines the need for a review of the conduct of UKBA. Alliance MLAs need to regularly make contact with UKBA to deal with constituents’ immigration and asylum casework but UKBA have refused to talk to Assembly Members.

David Ford said: “It’s a real kick in the teeth for people in Northern Ireland to hear that this failing agency is paying out big bonuses to some staff. UKBA is meant to work for the public, as we bankroll them. It’s time they realised that if they don’t meet the needs of the public and respect democracy in Northern Ireland they could face some tough times ahead.

“The UK Border Agency should hang their head in shame over their refusal to engage with MLAs. The sheer arrogance of this agency is breathtaking. What kind of an organisation are they?

“Our Assembly Members provide a vital service on a wide range of issues including immigration and asylum, and why should their good work be hampered by this faceless and unaccountable organisation?

“We are currently working with the Liberal Democrats to right this wrong and get UKBA to serve the people of Northern Ireland properly.”


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