Ford anger at threat to Anna Lo

Alliance Leader David Ford has expressed anger at a threat against Anna Lo MLA in which someone warned that an event she was due to speak at in Coleraine should be called off. She still attended a multi-cultural forum event and a churches event in Coleraine yesterday despite the threat. The threat was phoned into the Lodge Hotel in the town which was hosting the churches event, which had publicised Anna’s appearance. The threat was reported to the police and they helped ensure her safety.

David Ford said: “This is quite simply sickening. I am extremely angry that one individual thinks they can tell someone what they can and cannot do because of their background.

“Those who make threats like this have no place in the new Northern Ireland. This matter illustrates perfectly why the First and Deputy First Ministers need to overcome their differences and produce a strategy to tackle prejudice urgently. We need leadership in the Stormont Executive to prevent a vacuum of hate developing.”

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo said: “I will not let anyone stop me from carrying out my daily work. I have faced and overcome racism down the years and will not let anything deter me from taking part in events. Threats only serve to strengthen my resolve in eradicating prejudice for good.

“A very small number of individuals are trying to create a climate of fear and we must stop them immediately. It is difficult to comprehend the breathtaking arrogance and despicable mindset of people like this.”


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