Ford and Long to meet Prime Minister over security situation

Alliance Leader and Northern Ireland Justice Minister David Ford MLA and the party’s Deputy Leader, Naomi Long MP, will meet with Prime Minister David Cameron MP in Westminster on Wednesday (6 March) to discuss the developing security situation in Northern Ireland.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, scheduled to be held immediately after Prime Minister’s Question Time, Mrs Long said it was an opportunity to discuss a number of important issues with the Prime Minister.

Naomi Long MP said: “Given the events of recent months, including not only loyalist unrest but also significant dissident republican activity, clearly the challenging security situation will be high on the agenda. There are huge opportunities this year, with the City of Culture, the World Police and Fire Service Games and the G8 summit, to showcase the positives of Northern Ireland on an international stage, but they also each provide security and policing challenges, particularly in the current context.

“In light of the political tensions which have been apparent over the last year, we are also keen to explore with the Prime Minister our proposals to end the impasse with respect to delivery of a shared future strategy as we recognise the importance of this in creating the fairer, more inclusive and more stable society required if our economy is to be rebalanced. Our emphasis will also be on the need for unequivocal political support for the rule of law.

“I hope that this will be a positive meeting, and an opportunity to reinforce the message that strong leadership, not just from Northern Ireland politicians, but also from both governments, is crucial to stability and to delivering on the opportunities to build a more peaceful and prosperous future for everyone in Northern Ireland.”


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