Ford and Kelly work to progress Fold accomodation in Antrim Town

David Ford MLA and Cllr Neil Kelly met with the Director of Development for Fold Housing to discuss future plans for older persons housing in Antrim Town. This included a discussion to monitor progress on the proposed project for the old Northern Regional College site.

David Ford said, “I was pleased to hear the announcement, in July of last year, that Housing Executive has asked Fold Housing to manage a project in the town centre. I have been working hard to see this project is progressed, and to ensure it meets the needs of the older population of Antrim.

“The Director of Development took us through some of the work carried out to date. I was encouraged by steps made to identify a site that could provide a much needed provision for the town.

“I will be following this up by engaging with other relevant agencies to fight for the best possible plans.”

Cllr Kelly said, “Along with David Ford, I have been conducting regular door-to-door outreach surveys and 70% of the responses say there is a need for older persons accommodation. This shows an overwhelming support and I was pleased to see the Housing Executive recognising this in their announcement back in July.

“Fold were able to indicate they are keen on a site on Fountain Street, and are working with the relevant agencies to progress this.

“I was pleased to hear there will be a public consultation announced in due course and wish to call upon all those interested to engage with Fold when the time comes.

“We are working hard to keep this progressing and to make sure our older persons are provided with the housing they demand”.


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