Football Offences laws needed to prevent high policing costs at matches

Alliance Party Sports Spokesperson Cllr Michael Long has called for the introduction Football Offences style laws in Northern Ireland, following news that it cost £105,000 for the PSNI to deal with trouble at the Northern Ireland – Poland international football match in March.

Cllr Michael Long said: “We need Football Offences type legislation to be created in Northern Ireland so that we do not see massive policing costs at football matches in future.

“We need to give football hooligans the red card and we can only do this through laws of this nature.

“If we had these laws then we would have had a better chance of keeping troublemakers away from this and other matches. This would have meant that fewer police would have been diverted away from their normal duties and so the costs would have been lower.

“Without Football Offences laws, we may unfortunately face further trouble at matches and subsequently large policing costs if trouble erupts.”


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