Fitzpatrick stunned at plans for over 600 civil service job losses

Coleraine Alliance Councillor Barney Fitzpatrick has expressed his shock and disgust at plans to cut 674 civil service posts across Northern Ireland by early 2008 plans. The government’s planned cuts apply to the Social Security Agency and have been revealed by Cllr Fitzpatrick only a week after it was announced that 260 public jobs would be lost at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing offices in Coleraine.

The East Londonderry Alliance Representative said: “I am shocked at these plans which come under the guise of a Strategic Business Review. Only a week ago, it was announced that 260 jobs were to be lost at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre in Coleraine and the government now look to be pressing ahead with further cuts in other departments.

“The planned 674 job cuts will mean that the Social Security Agency will be shedding a seventh of its workforce in Northern Ireland. This is a shocking statistic.

“I hope that the service offered by the Social Security Agency will not be diminished by these job losses. Any cutbacks which disadvantaged the public must be stopped.

“These job cuts will have a very negative effect on the local economy and many areas around Northern Ireland will be hit by these redundancies. The news of Coleraine cuts last week has had a profound effect on the town and I do not want to see other areas across Northern Ireland being dealt similar bodyblows.

“The government has stated that this measure is to be implemented by early 2008. It is essential we get devolution up and running so that we can have our say on this and make the right decisions for the people of Northern Ireland.”


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