Fitzpatrick says Alliance can win East Londonderry MLA seat

East Londonderry Alliance Representative Barney Fitzpatrick has said if Alliance continues the progress made in recent times in the constituency, the Westminster result has shown that Alliance can win an Assembly seat in this area next year.

Barney Fitzpatrick said: “Our Westminster vote increased by 60% across Northern Ireland between this and the previous election.

“I want to express my deepest gratitude to the people of East Londonderry for delivering such a strong showing for the constructive politics of Alliance. If we keep making progress like we have been, next year the constituency could send an Alliance MLA to Stormont.

“We campaigned positively and it was our positivity and solution politics that has ensured this increased vote.

“Hope is replacing tribalism. People want a new approach and Alliance is delivering that.

“The East Belfast result shows that people really can change the landscape of politics. East Belfast has created headlines and sent out a message that Northern Ireland has changed and that constructive politics can win. East Londonderry can do that next year by sending an Alliance MLA from here to Stormont.”


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