Fitzpatrick passes on condolences on road fatalities

Alliance East Londonderry Representative, Barney Fitzpatrick, has expressed concern about the high level of fatalities on our roads this weekend.

Cllr Barney Fitzpatrick said: “Six deaths due to road accidents. Once again, the lives of the families of those killed in such tragic circumstances on our roads, whatever the causation factor, have been ruined.

“Last year we had 125 deaths on our roads, each one a tragedy for the friends and families of the deceased.

“It is essential that the relevant departments such as DRD and DOE work together with the PSNI and local Road Safety Committees to improve education and awareness of the risks.

“If it is found necessary that existing legislation needs to be amended and improved to deter any behaviour that can result in accidents occurring, then our Assembly Members must do this as a matter of high priority.

“It is also essential that all PSNI Officers be fully equipped to enforce road safety legislation. Our Courts must be seen to be able to deal with all types of road offences effectively and efficiently otherwise, with the ever-increasing volume of traffic on our roads, our problems will only magnify.

Councillor Fitzpatrick went on to state; “Road Safety is a matter of concern to all our citizens and I hope that our Stormont administration will, as promised, accept the challenge on their behalf for safer roads, safer drivers and safer vehicles.”


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