Fire service cost-cutting must be prevented in order to save lives

Alliance Party Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA has today in the Assembly slammed proposals to remove second fire engines from twelve towns across Northern Ireland, stating that this measure would put lives at risk. He stated that the one billion pounds wasted on segregation every year in Northern Ireland would be better spent on maintaining the fire service and therefore helping save lives. He also stated that there must be a crackdown on thugs that attack firefighters on call.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “There must be no cost-cutting measures or corners cut where people lives are involved. Removing the second appliances in twelve towns across Northern Ireland will place the safety of local people at risk.

“Every year one billion pounds is wasted on segregation in Northern Ireland. We must stop this waste and spend this cash on maintaining our local fire service and therefore helping save lives.

“I am also very suspicious of the review into fire stations in Belfast.

“Another massive problem is the alarming number of attacks on local firefighters. In recent years there have been many attacks on fire service staff who are trying to go about their work. It beggars belief that these thugs launch attacks on firefighters who are often trying to save the lives of people in their area.

“I welcome the recent advertising campaign aimed at stopping this behaviour. Those that are caught attacking local firefighters must be dealt with severly by the police and the courts, as they not only endanger the safety of the firefighters but the wider community.

“This issue must be tackled head on, as fire service staff should not have to run the gauntlet of hatred when they are trying to save lives.”


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