Financial package offered illustrates need to save billions wasted on segregation

Alliance Party Leader David Ford has said the broad financial package offered by the Treasury illustrates the need to stop billions of pounds of public money being wasted on segregated services.

Speaking after leading a party delegation to meet the Chancellor of the Exchequer in London, David Ford stated: “The Chancellor has sent a strong statement by meeting all five parties today, and outlining the package available to any new Northern Ireland Executive. Parties must now re-double their efforts to ensure there is a package, and to ensure it

is spent by local ministers accountable directly to the people of Northern


“There is much detail to be resolved about this package. However, by any estimates, Alliance Party proposals to slash spending on segregation and instead invest it on front-line public services are at least as significant as any extra money available from London. Any new Executive could create more funds for pupils in schools, patients in hospitals

and improved infrastructure if it resolved to spend it on the basis of

need, rather than carve-up.

“We look forward to playing a full role in developing the detail of this financial package and emphasizing the fundamental requirement to place the ‘Shared Future’ document, the economy and the environment at the centre of any spending, while moving promotion of division firmly into the past.”


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