Farry tells MPs of importance of listening to real voice of Northern Ireland during Brexit negotiations

Alliance Brexit spokesperson Stephen Farry MLA has said it is important the real voice of Northern Ireland is heard at a critical time in Brexit negotiations, as he meets with MPs ahead of crucial votes next week.

Dr Farry will be meeting with members from Labour and the Liberal Democrats before votes next week on the EU Withdrawal Bill. They will be on amendments from the House of Lords regarding remaining in a Customs Union, membership of the European Economic Area and protection of the Good Friday Agreement among others.

“Next week’s votes will be a seminal moment in determining the future direction of the Brexit process. It is a key opportunity for the UK Government to step back from its current delusional and incoherent approach,” he said.

“It is important the real voice of Northern Ireland is heard, especially at this critical time. The DUP do not speak for the majority of people here and with their stated opposition to the UK remaining in the Single Market and a Customs Union, they are misrepresenting Northern Ireland’s fundamental political and economic interests.

“There are only two ways to protect the Good Friday Agreement and avoid a hard border within Ireland – either the UK enters into a fresh Customs Union with the EU and remains in the Single Market or alternatively a special deal for Northern Ireland is put in place reflecting our unique circumstances.

“Next week is a clear opportunity for a sensible UK-wide approach, there is considerable common ground between the Liberal Democrats and backbenchers of all the main parties and the overwhelming majority of voices from the business community for this. The Government needs to listen and change its failing approach, and the Labour front bench must cease fudging its position on the key issues.”

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