Farry – Success of talks should be judged on how it covers all the issues

Alliance MLA Stephen Farry, has said that any deal that is reached at the all-party talks must include agreement on all the issues.

Stephen Farry MLA said: “In recent weeks there has been much progress as the process has intensified, however the success of the talks should be judged on whether the deal is comprehensive. It must be more than just agreement around a few issues on our budget, welfare reform and the past.

“I would caution the parties against seeking a lowest common denominator deal to deliver a short term financial fix, but not address the big political issues that are holding Northern Ireland back from becoming a normal, stable society, with politics that delivers for people, rather than politicians. Cynicism of politics will only increase if we don’t have a comprehensive deal.

“Failure to agree on all the issues will only result in us having to return to another set of talks next autumn.”


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