Farry says Leave campaign’s claims unravelling

Alliance MLA Stephen Farry has said the Leave campaign’s claims about Brexit are now unravelling, after the Prime Minister cast doubt on immigration controls.

A points-based system for those seeking to enter the country was one of the key pledges by Leave campaigners during the recent EU referendum. However, Theresa May said it was not a “silver bullet” for the issue.

“Throughout the EU referendum campaign, many Leave campaigners took the opportunity to whip up tensions around immigration in a bid to get people to vote that way. One has to only think back to the controversial poster unveiled by UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

“We are now seeing those claims unravelling because they were simply not based in fact. That also goes for other claims made by the Leave campaign on issues such as the UK creating its own independent free trade deals to replace access to the single market, which take years to negotiate and will never be a substitute for the Single Market.

“The Leave campaign’s lies are now clear to see for every citizen of the UK. Although most of those who led the Leave campaign have since washed their hands of their responsibilities, everyone can now see the dishonesties they told the electorate.”

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