Farry says lasting peace in Middle East seems ever more elusive after latest violence

Alliance Deputy Leader Stephen Farry MLA has lasting peace in the Middle East seems even more elusive now after renewed violence.

Israeli troops killed 58 people and injured 2,700, after fighting at the Gaza border. Palestinian rioters threw stones and incendiary devices at Israeli troops, who replied with tear gas and live fire from snipers.

The violence, which comes after weeks of protests at the border fence, marks the deadliest day in Gaza for four years. It came as the American Government opened its first embassy in Jerusalem, which Palestinians see as the US backing Israeli control over the city.

“It is heartbreaking to see this violence and these deaths, which have heightened hostility and increased hatred between communities,” said Dr Farry.

“While Israel has a right to self-defence, their actions in this instance were clearly an excessive use of force, well beyond those rights and not in proportion, and has directly led to the death of 58 people, including children and teenagers.

“The United States’ relocation of its embassy is ill-advised and counterproductive, which has helped make the likelihood of lasting peace in the Middle East even more elusive. The UK Government needs to speak up and condemn what is happening in Gaza.”

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