Farry: Momentum to reach a deal must increase

Alliance Deputy Leader Stephen Farry has said the message remains the same after the Secretary of State’s confirmation of an extended period of talks – it’s time to get around the table and get the job done.

Dr Farry was speaking after the Secretary of State James Brokenshire said local politicians had the parliamentary Easter recess to allow talks to continue, with the failure to do so leaving him no alternative but to pass a rates bill, and examine other budgetary measures, on his return to parliament.

He said: “Yesterday Naomi Long MLA called on all parties to ‘get serious’ when it comes to restoring devolution and today that message remains the same.

“Those who have been obstructing an inclusive, intensive process, for example by refusing to allow five-party engagement, now have no-where to hide.

“The momentum to reach a deal must increase. We need to move beyond the haphazard process we have just witnessed and towards sincere attempts from all to reach a deal.

“The Secretary of State has given us a window; it’s a small window, but if the political will is there we will be able to work together to move forward – respecting that hard work that has come over the past 25 years and protecting our institutions for future generations.”

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