Farry launches Skills Barometer tool

Alliance Employment and Learning Minister Stephen Farry has launched a new tool designed to estimate the future skills needed in Northern Ireland for the next decade.

Dr Farry revealed the Skills Barometer today (Thursday), which will provide a clear indication of current and future skills issues for the local economy until 2025, bringing a level of detail previously unseen.

The tool particularly highlights that in order for the Northern Ireland economy to remain competitive, there is a need for higher level skills in science, technology, engineering and maths.

“The forecasts identified an aspirational level of economic and employment growth, including the potential impact of a lower rate of corporation tax,” said Dr Farry.

“This level of planning is essential if we are to achieve our economic ambitions of higher economic growth and improved prosperity.

“There will be growth opportunities for all skills levels across a range of sectors, however, the focus will be predominately on higher level skills. It also identifies a strong emphasis on developing skills in order to secure employment.”

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