Farry launches employment strategy for people with disabilities

Alliance Employment and Learning Minister Stephen Farry has launched a new strategy to help people with disabilities achieve their full employment and career potential.

The ‘Employment Strategy for People with Disabilities’ focuses on helping and supporting people with disabilities overcome a wide range of barriers through their journey towards and into employment.

He said the strategy was the result of work between his Department, the local disability sector and others, including people with disabilities and employers.

“This strategy will help address the inequalities and difficulties faced by people with significant disabilities, who want to work and are capable of doing so.

“In order to ensure we build a truly successful and world-class economy, it is critical we draw upon all of the talents in this society, and it is vital we give every person the opportunity to develop to their full potential.

“People with disabilities share the same ambitions and aspirations as everyone else and, provided they are given the right support, advice and assistance, are more than capable of realising their full career potential and making a significant contribution to our economy.”

A copy of the strategy is available at: https://www.delni.gov.uk/consultations/employment-strategy-people-disabilities-consultation.

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