Farry joins other MPs to speak out against trophy hunting

Alliance MP Stephen Farry has joined other MPs to speak out against trophy hunting, calling for a complete ban on the activity.

MPs from a number of parties combined to sign a letter from animal welfare organisations Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting and Humane Society International, stating trophy hunting has ‘devastating’ impacts on many species’ populations.

“A recent poll showed the majority of people see trophy hunting as morally unacceptable,” said Dr Farry.

“When asked what species a UK ban on trophy imports and exports should apply to, 76 per cent of respondents said all species. It goes to show the strong feeling across the community against this activity.

“Studies show lions, black bears, white rhinos, leopards and zebras are particularly at risk, even those bred in captivity. We need to see a comprehensive ban on imports and exports of hunting trophies. Morally, ethically and every other way, it is the right thing to do.”