Farry hails progress on parades issue

North Down Alliance Westminster Candidate, Stephen Farry, has welcomed the progress made around the issue of parading and said that this progress was essential to ensure better community relations. A draft plan came before the Executive yesterday.

Stephen Farry stated: ” Alliance welcomes the further progress being made around the parading issue. Ultimately, contentious parades are a major manifestation of the continued deep divisions in our society and competing claims to territory rather than a normal civic society. Attempts to resolve parades will only really be successful in the context of a proactive shared future policy, and a fuller understanding of the nature of shared space.

“Disputes around parades should first be addressed through local dialogue. In the absence of agreement, a rights-based approach is more sound than the current practice, and allows rights to freedom of assembly to be balanced with the freedom from harrassment.

“This is much more than a matter for two parties but rather for the whole community. Past disputes around parades have had considerable consequences not only for the affected communities but for Northern Ireland in general. It is important that people take the full opportunity now offered by consultation.”


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