Farry: Graduated response will not resolve parading issue

Alliance North Down MLA, Stephen Farry, has responded to the gradated response from Unionist leaders and the Orange Order to the restrictions being placed on the return route of a parade on the 12th July in North Belfast. Unionist leaders and the Orange Order will sign a pledge calling for peaceful and lawful protest. They also want the Secretary of State to set up an inquiry into the Ardoyne parade.

Stephen Farry MLA said: “Alliance has been clear on the importance of respect for the determinations of the Parades Commission, and for the wider rule of law in general.

“Unionist Leaders and the Orange Order have nonetheless called for protests. While we do acknowledge that they have called on these to be peaceful, it remains to be seen if this will indeed be the case and also whether protests will remain within the law. There is also still an implicit threat to the future of the institutions, which is not good for political stability or our economic prospects.

“It is important that we do find a holistic solution to the issue of parades, alongside flags and how we deal with the past. Seeking to deal with only one parade in isolation through a Commission of Inquiry would only serve to undermine the existing mechanism while missing the opportunity to achieve a sustainable overarching solution. The place to resolve parades lies in the restoration of the inter-party talks.”


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