Farry congratulates Obama on election victory

North Down Alliance MLA and Party Finance Spokesperson, Stephen Farry, has sent his congratulations to Barack Obama on winning the US Presidential Election, and reflected on the implications of his victory on Northern Ireland.

Dr Stephen Farry stated: “I warmly congratulate Barack Obama on his outstanding success in winning the United States’ Presidential Election.

“His victory is a paradigm shift in US politics, and opens up new opportunities on the international stage. This has been a remarkable election, with two outstanding yet contrasting candidates. The election of a man with a multi-racial background, with a non-traditional name is a transformational moment.

“There are huge, and probably unrealistic, expectations being placed upon the incoming Obama Administration. Undoubtedly, he will continue the steady and encouraging approach adopted towards Northern Ireland by both the Bush and Clinton Administrations, though it will be little surprise if Northern Ireland slides down the agenda.

“Northern Ireland’s most immediate interest must lie with what steps an Obama Administration may take to stabilise and reorient the global economy. While there may be questions about the ease by which US companies may be able to invest overseas, the most crucial factor is an improvement in global economic confidence.”


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