Farry condemns attempted lorry bomb

Alliance Deputy Leader Stephen Farry MP has thanked the PSNI after a potential bomb attack on January 31 was foiled.


Police discovered the device attached to a lorry in an industrial estate in Lurgan. The PSNI have since stated they believe it was due to explode on a ferry to Scotland as the UK left the EU. Dissident republicans are being blamed.


“My thanks go to the PSNI and other agencies for foiling what could have been a devastating attack,” said Mr Farry.


“This is a further reminder of the need for constant vigilance of the threat from dissident republicans. While police and the intelligence services have been effective in combatting most of their activities, they require our ongoing support.


“Brexit may be a hugely destabilising event for Northern Ireland, but we must not allow those who wish to exploit it for violent ends any sort of foothold. I appeal to anyone with information on this incident to take it to police immediately.”