Farry: Commemorations of the past must not cause further hurt in the present

Alliance MLA Stephen Farry has said it is essential both Unionists and Nationalists commemorate the past in a way which causes no further hurt to others.

Stephen Farry was speaking after those promoting the use of a UVF banner displayed over My Lady’s Road defended their actions as those of a legitimate band, despite reports it was taking part in a memorial for UVF man Robert Seymour.

“I find it surprising that many Unionists politicians have been quick to criticise those defending the rights of local people to live without fear of this kind of intimidation. Yet if roles were reversed they would be among the loudest voices criticising the actions of Nationalists.

“This band and parade was in commemoration of someone who was a known UVF commander into the 80s and in this context the event was designed to do nothing more than attempt to showcase control over the area in 2018.

“While we recognise that everyone has a right to remember the dead in a respectful manner, it is the intent behind such banners and how they are received across the community that must be considered.”

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