Farry backs News Letter campaign to recognise service personnel

North Down Alliance MLA, Stephen Farry, has endorsed the Newsletter’s campaign for a proper homecoming parade for local service personnel.

Stephen Farry stated: “I am delighted to endorse the Newsletter’s campaign for proper homecoming parade for local residents serving in the armed services.

“It is right and proper to make to highlight and recognise the bravery, sense of duty, and sacrifice of many men and women in trying to bring peace and stability to troubled lands.

“This should be separated from any wider discussions regarding the relative merits of intervention into either Iraq or Afghanistan and the strategy being pursued in both cases. These are decisions to be taken through the normal democratic procedures. Our service personnel honourably implement the decisions that are taken elsewhere.

“Having spent considerable time in the Greater Washington area, it was routine to see American personnel travelling around wearing their uniforms. It is shame that this is deemed not to be possible in our society.”


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