Farry anger at Prime Minister’s bad faith on backstop 

Alliance Deputy Leader Stephen Farry MLA has said reports the Prime Minster is whipping Conservative MPs to vote for the so-called ‘Brady amendment’ ahead of tomorrow’s Brexit vote are “deeply troubling”.

The amendment proposes the backstop be replaced by ‘alternative arrangements’.

“Throughout the Brexit process, the Prime Minister and UK Government have been clear they would avoid a hard border in Ireland at all costs. While it may never need to be deployed, the backstop is the guarantee in all circumstances that would not happen,” said Dr Farry.

“While the debate and votes on Tuesday may not be meaningful, and the amendment may not be successful, the support given to it by the Prime Minister is an act of bad faith.

“The need for the backstop only arises from the UK’s decision to leave the EU and the mutually incompatible red-lines. At no stage has the UK Government produced any viable alternative. The regrettable actions of the UK Government only serve to reinforce the need of the backstop.”

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