Farry – A deal can be done if the political will is there

Speaking ahead of the all-party talks which are due to reconvene on Monday, Alliance Minister Stephen Farry MLA said: “All of the issues under consideration have been discussed at length over the past few years. Therefore, if the political will is there, then a comprehensive agreement can be reached over the coming days.

“The Northern Ireland political process cannot bear many more failed political initiatives; public cynicism is already very apparent. Nor can we afford any more half-solutions that only serve to create new problems in the future.

“Failure risks jeopardising the very survival of devolution and the opportunities for local accountability, and would undermine the Good Friday Agreement. Success could open up Northern Ireland to fresh opportunities for economic and social progress.

“Now is a time for mature leadership, combined with a spirit of responsibility and compromise in the interests of the common good.”


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