Executive’s plans deliver worse deal than before on public transport

Alliance Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA has stated that the Executive’s plans will deliver a worse deal on public transport than Direct Rule Ministers did. He accused the Executive of having road rage and said that funding must be re-directed from roads to public transport to deliver a better all-round transport infrastructure for local people, help the environment and attract more investment to Northern Ireland.

The Strangford MLA said: “Currently more than two-thirds of the transport budget in Northern Ireland goes on roads, with less than a third left for public transport. Staggeringly, things are set to get worse with the Executive planning to spend around 80% of transport cash on roads over the lifespan of the ten-year Investment Strategy. What do these statistics say about their intentions?

“This cash must be redirected to improve bus and train services.

“This administration appears to have road rage! With their emphasis on cars instead of buses and trains they have underlined their total lack of ambition on protecting the environment and delivering better sustainable public services.

“It appears that this Executive is hellbent on keeping people in their cars. Better public transport will combat social exclusion and increase the mobility of our workforce to help re-balance the economy. Why can the Executive not see the impact that better bus and train services will have for the community and the economy?

“Improving public transport will improve people’s lifestyle, with shortened journey times and more frequent bus and train services. Diverting funds to public transport will not only help the environment, but will also make our roads quieter and safer.

“The Executive looks set to fail local people on public transport; however, we as the opposition will do our best to make them see sense.”


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