Executive transport strategy is on road to nowhere – Ford

Alliance Leader David Ford has slammed Regional Development Minister Conor Murphy over his failing strategy on public transport. David Ford said he needs to rebalance transport funding away from roads towards buses and trains.

David Ford said: “Conor Murphy’s vision is simply too car focussed and he fails to show any ambition on public transport.

“You cannot solve the commuting problems in Belfast through road building. The best way to alleviate congestion in the city is by getting people out of their cars and onto public transport. You only have to be travelling to or from work in Belfast when it’s raining or after an accident to see how gridlock can grind the city to a halt for hours.

“There is little strategic thinking on public transport. We need a joined-up public transport system that actually encourages people to leave their car at home.

“It is still the Department of Roads Development not a genuine Department of Regional Development. Conor Murphy must get over his fixation with cars and take account of the realities and needs of Northern Ireland. Transport funding needs to be rebalanced, with more going to public transport and less to roads.

“But better public transport is not just about reducing congestion and protecting the environment – it’s also about tackling social exclusion. People who cannot afford a car or simply do not drive deserve better public transport. For these people it’s a real quality of life issue.

“Conor Murphy’s car culture policy is damaging our environment and is having a negative impact on the standard of living here. We need creative thinking to alleviate gridlock around our towns and cities. Road building will not deliver this, but better public transport will.”


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