Executive Programme for Government will deliver second rate services

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has described the Programme for Government as a second-rate plan that will deliver second-rate services. She pointed to comments made by leading authorities on health and our fire service who have lambasted the Finance Minister on the implications of his budget.

Anna Lo MLA said: “We have already heard from a number of sources that the Programme for Government will be devastating for not only the health service but the fire service too.

“This budget and PfG was about making short term headlines. These quick headlines look like they were gained to the long term detriment of our health and fire service. It was about quick fix rates freezes which could do damage due to a lack of funding that will take a long time to fix. The Executive had good headlines for a week but will have bad news in the long term. I think the Executive are beginning to realize this, but I am not sure they are capable of learning their lesson.

“Local people hailed the return of power sharing with hope and expectation. Now they hope for little and expect even less. This Executive has shown that they are bereft of fresh ideas on tackling problems and improving services.

“Devolution is meant to be about making a real differences to people’s lives. This Executive has done the near impossible feat of making Direct Rule Ministers look effective and radical.

“The Programme for Government is a second-rate plan that will deliver second rate services.”


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