Executive needs to resolve disagreement over Troubles pension, says Lunn

Alliance Justice spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has called on the Executive to resolve a disagreement over a pension for those severely injured during the Troubles.

Mr Lunn made the call after questioning First Minister Arlene Foster on the proposal by the WAVE Trauma Centre, which would see a pension for those unable to work or build up occupational pensions as a result of their injuries. Around 500 people are estimated to be affected, but the DUP and Sinn Fein are unable to agree who is eligible for a pension.

“I met with members of WAVE today and heard first-hand their desire to tackle the issue of the significant financial difficulties encountered by those who have not been able to build up savings as a result of their injuries,” said Mr Lunn.

“Alliance were engaged in the various talks over the past number of years where we raised the topic of victims and survivors, but no agreement was reached at any of those stages. It is deeply concerning there appears to have been no further progress since then.

“The two Executive parties should agree a clear way forward on this issue as a matter of urgency, so those concerned are able to access the help they need.”

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