Executive must prioritise older people following Help the Aged Report

Alliance Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has demanded that the Executive act to priorities the needs of local older people following the disturbing findings of a Help the Aged report, that suggested one in three older people in Northern Ireland think life is getting worse for them. The Help the Aged report which was published today stated that Northern Ireland older people face worse conditions that those in throughout the rest of the UK.

Opposition MLA, Mr McCarthy, said: “Its time that the Executive got their act together and made improving the lives of older people a key priority. T Help the Aged report makes for disturbing reading

“Alliance is making the running in the Assembly on providing free personal care for older people.

“We are the only party to have consistently supported free personal care – the four Executive parties all voted against it in 2002. We are the only real champions of the interests of older people.

“Our older people have worked all their lives to provide for their families and have paid their taxes all their working lives. We have a duty and a responsibility to look after their interests and needs.

“We also believe that the creation of a commissioner for older people will help improve their living standards. Millions of pounds of benefits which older people are entitled to, goes unclaimed and we must ensure that they receive this cash to give them the best standard of living possible.


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