Executive collapse would mean further delay for health reform, says Bradshaw

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has warned any collapse of the Executive will hinder progress towards equal access to medicines for people here.

The South Belfast MLA the fact Northern Ireland remained without a Budget or clear strategy for health reform would only be amplified if an election was called due to the fallout of the RHI scandal.

“The question needs answered – do the Executive parties have any idea how appalling they look to people waiting for vital drugs and treatment? An election, followed by wrangling over forming a new Executive would delay things even further.

“Since I presented my petition for equal access to cancer drugs to the Assembly, I have pressed other issues and progress is being made. For example, there is now potential for Northern Ireland to be involved in what were initially England-only clinical trials of drugs which prevent HIV.

“We need to maintain pressure in this area for the good of thousands of people across Northern Ireland. Momentum will be lost if political games continue and result in institutional collapse.

“As we have seen from rising waiting lists across the board, we cannot afford any further delay in allocating a Budget and delivering much-needed reform.”

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