EU unique solution call creates opportunity, says Farry

Alliance Brexit Spokesperson Stephen Farry MLA has welcomed the EU’s recognition of the need to identify ‘a unique solution’ for the border issue after any Brexit.

Dr Farry said the EU’s negotiating papers, which say the UK should take responsibility for finding a resolution, was an acknowledgement of the special circumstances of Northern Ireland and proof the region should remain within the Single Market.

“This is a welcome recognition a one size fits all Brexit for the UK as a whole simply will not work for this region,” he said.

“Northern Ireland can only work based on sharing and interdependence, while Brexit entails new barriers and divisions. It is important to protect the Good Friday Agreement, and the free exchange of people, services and goods across these islands that underpins it. There are aspects of our economy such as agri-food and energy that operate primarily in an all-island context.

“Alliance believes we should be ambitious and if the UK as a whole is not seeking to remain within the European Single Market, then Northern Ireland should seek to do so. This is fundamental to our long-term economic interests.

“This would entail Northern Ireland abiding by the four fundamental freedoms including freedom of movement and the Assembly having the full competence to remain in compliance with EU law.”

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