EU takes positive steps on roaming charges

The Alliance Party’s youth wing has said the positive steps taken by the European Commission to ensure that consumers receive a fair deal when it comes to travelling and using mobile phones in other EU countries are to be greatly welcomed, as they will enable people to travel and do business more easily across Ireland and across Europe.

East Antrim spokesperson Pete Milner stated: “The European Commission’s recent agreement to introduce legislation that will cap mobile phone roaming rates is an extremely positive step towards achieving affordable and fair roaming price structures.

“The considerable variation in charges, which are associated to using your mobile phone when travelling to and operating within other EU countries, is disproportionate, when you compare such imposed varied charges against the actual ‘real’ charges incurred by mobile phone companies for providing network-hosting to other operators.

“In the face of greater movement of people across Europe’s borders and in line with incremental EU integration, it was both practical and understandable that Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner, would move to introduce measures that would help to eliminate the unreasonably high costs associated with using mobile phones in Europe.

“It is hoped that, in light of strong competition amongst mobile phone operators across Europe, charges will not be recouped by increases in domestic home tariffs; however, the successful intervention of the European Commission on this issue is both very welcome and justified.

“As a consequence, mobile phone bills for the vast majority of people who travel within Europe, for either business purposes or for pleasure’s sake, should noticeably reduce.”


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