EU Guidelines show need for Customs Union and Single Market solution, says Alliance

Alliance Party Brexit Spokesperson Stephen Farry MLA has responded to the publication of draft guidelines by the European Council setting out potential future relations between the UK and EU.

Stephen Farry said: “This document further demonstrates the risks and consequences from Brexit, both to the UK and European Union across a wide range of areas – from economics to security. It is clear the UK will be disadvantaged in many respects, especially a hard Brexit. Options for the UK are fixed and limited and, in particular, cherry picking of the single market is not viable.

“In terms of avoiding a hard border in these islands, even the most ambitious free trade agreement imaginable would not eliminate friction in trade including the need for physical checks.

“There is a tentative majority in Parliament for this and it has widespread support across the business community. Furthermore, either the UK as a whole or, if necessary, Northern Ireland alone should remain within the Single Market. This is vital to our future cohesion and economic wellbeing.”

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