Essential Belfast Rapid Transit not delayed for Finaghy passengers – Bradshaw

Alliance South Belfast MLA Paula Bradshaw has expressed concern the new Belfast Rapid Transit system will not reach Finaghy Road North within the next two years, despite being initially scheduled for 2017.

Ms Bradshaw said system would be a vital link to the city centre and Titanic Quarter for many of her constituents, as well as the west of the city, meaning it essential it be operational as soon as possible.

“I have asked the Minister why the project is now delayed to late 2018 and I accept there are interconnected issues which have caused some genuine difficulties,” she said.

“However, one of those issues is the new ticketing system. This is long overdue, but when I asked him about it in the Assembly, I was told in effect as yet no consideration has been given to how the new system will work for post-primary schoolchildren.

“I am therefore extremely concerned implementation of the new ticketing system will see the project delayed still further, restricting connectivity to the Finaghy area for even longer.

“Given the seriousness of traffic congestion in the area already, any further delay would be entirely unwelcome. I will be pressing the Minister for assurances there will be no further delays and everyone will have access to the system no more than two years from now.”

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