Environment Minister must take heed of UNESCO report on Giant’s Causeway golf course – Lo

Alliance Environment spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has said that the Environment Minister Alex Atwood must take heed of the report by UNESCO which has claimed that the proposed Runkerry golf course could have an effect on the world heritage status of the nearby Giant’s Causeway.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I was very concerned that the Department of the Environment did not consult with UNESCO before they granted planning permission for this development.

“Questions must be asked as to why the Environment Minister did not seek the views of UNESCO before he gave the go ahead for this golf course. It is now clear that if he had consulted them, that he would have had this report on his desk which would have made it difficult for him to approve this development.

“This is a very detailed report which raises many key points about the potential consequences of this development including the potential loss of the Giant’s Causeway’s world heritage status and criticised the Minister for not consulting them.

“While there has been a lot of talk about a tourism boost from this golf course, we must also consider the tourist impact of the loss of the Giant’s Causeway’s world heritage status.

“I hope that the Minister takes on board this report, reverses his decision to give planning permission to this development and takes action as UNESCO suggested to give further protection to our only world heritage site.”


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