End disgraceful minimum wage race and age discrimination

Alliance Party Spokesperson, Séan Neeson MLA, has demanded an end to discrimination over the national minimum wage. At the moment people under 18 are entitled to £3.30 per hour, those aged 18-21 get £4.45 and people over 21 get a minimum of £5.35 per hour. He also stated that migrants in Northern Ireland must be paid fairly because many unfortunately receive less than the minimum wage at the moment.

The East Antrim Assembly Member said: “It is disgraceful that the national minimum wage discriminates against people on the grounds of their age.

“The government has institutionalised age discrimination by using this three tiered system of wages. Its time that this issue was addressed and rectified. Institutionalising age discrimination, as has been done on this matter, adds to prejudice and creates many problems.

“There can be no justification whatsoever for having three separate tiers within the minimum wage. The minimum wage must be applied universally across all ages – we will continue to campaign to see this inequality addressed.”

“The government must also ensure that more is done to protect migrants. Some are treated disgracefully and do not even get paid the minimum wage. Racial wage discrimination must be stamped out.

“Migrants platy a vital role in our society – culturally, socially and economically – they must be given a fair deal and must be protect by government to stop unscrupulous employers ripping them off.

“Alliance wants to see everyone earning a real living wage, instead of many people having to survive on very low incomes.”


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