Election provides best chance in a generation to have non-tribal voice at Westminster

Following news that the Westminster election will be on 6 May, Alliance Leader David Ford says his party is relishing the forthcoming campaign. He said that the contest in East Belfast provides the best opportunity in a generation to send a non-tribal voice in to represent Northern Ireland at Westminster.

David Ford said: “Anyone who wants a shared future know that only Alliance makes it their number one priority.

“Our economy, public services and the peace that we hold so dear can all be strengthened by tackling division. Alliance is working hard to end segregation while other parties are caught up in useless tribal power games.

“Naomi Long represents the best chance in a generation to give Northern Ireland a strong non-tribal voice at Westminster. Everyone has seen the great job Naomi has done uniting the community and promoting Belfast on the world stage as Lord Mayor, and people can now make her the face of a new future for East Belfast and Northern Ireland.

“Alliance is relishing the forthcoming election and we know that people want to vote for a positive and constructive party, instead of other parties who simply want to cause trouble.”


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