Election gives people power to demand better public services, says Donnelly

This election gives people the power to demand better public services, Alliance East Antrim Westminster candidate Danny Donnelly has said.

Councillor Donnelly said political standstill at Stormont and austerity programmes from Westminster have meant many public services are not delivering, but added if elected to Westminster he would ensure that changed.

“It’s been almost three years since we had a functioning Executive and Assembly, and with Westminster prepared to waste billions on Brexit, many public services are struggling to deliver what people need,” he said.

“Without Ministers in place to take decisions at Stormont, civil servants are limited in scope to make public spending decisions, so services suffer. Many groups in the community and voluntary sector have closed or had their operations restricted due to the ending of funding.

“There are currently hundreds of reports and decisions sitting on the desks of civil servants, just waiting for sign-off. More than three years ago, the Bengoa Report outlined how our health service could be developed to improve services, cut waiting lists and care for an ageing population. While that report sits unactioned, our health service continues to struggle without enough money or skilled staff to deliver what people need.

“Our education system is also in crisis, with reports of parents having to send basic supplies to school with their children. With almost half of schools in debt, a root and branch review of the education system is needed to ensure it can be structured and resourced enough to give all our young people the education they deserve.

“In the absence of a working Assembly, Alliance MPs will be a strong voice in Westminster to ensure public services in Northern Ireland are adequately structured and resourced to deliver what the community needs. You can demand better public services by voting Alliance.”