Election an opportunity for real change, says Long

Alliance Leader Naomi Long MLA has said people need to use the opportunity of this election to really change Stormont, after the Secretary of State announced an election for March 2.

Mrs Long said the forthcoming poll could prove a watershed, if people frustrated by the “corruption, cronyism and arrogance” of the current Executive voted for change.

“There is no doubt the current situation is frustrating and disappointing for most people but it’s only depressing if we give into a counsel of despair. People are angry, but anger will not change things. Action will. People have the power to transform the Assembly but they need to use it. Change can happen if the public vote for it.

“Those who will try to paint this election as orange and green are trying to manipulate the public based on fear, however, I have confidence the public will see through that and recognise the real choice is between those who are accountable and those who aren’t, those who are competent and those who aren’t, and those who have a progressive and inclusive vision for all of our people, and those who only wish to serve one section of the community.

“Alliance is committed to seeing the institutions back up and running as soon as possible – we want to work with others to build a better future.

“This is a huge opportunity for Northern Ireland to turn a corner. If we re-elect the same people, we will face the same problems but if we resist the temptation to vote out of fear and instead vote in hope – if we use our vote positively – then we can end carve-up politics and deliver genuine powersharing.

“If the public vote for Alliance and transfer to other progressive parties, we can not only change the political landscape but we can elect people who will actually do the job of delivering progress for the people we are elected to serve.”

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