Elected representatives must get to grips with daily attacks – Dunlop

Alliance Ballymena representative Jayne Dunlop has challenged local elected representatives to clarify what they plan to do about the ongoing attacks in the town.

Speaking after another petrol bomb attack, this time in the Millfield areas, the former Ballymena Councillor stated: “We have already had one sectarian fatality in Ballymena this year, yet it seems we are going to need still more before those elected locally get on and do something about it.

“Potentially deadly attacks are now happening on average once every 24 hours. When are local community leaders going to get a grip on this?

“We have to find ways to get young people involved in influencing the community around them peacefully and positively. This is a long-term project, and it needs action now.

“Local politicians are fast finding out there is more to responsible political leadership than waving flags and chanting slogans. If they are not prepared to challenge those who carry out these despicable actions, and they are not prepared to challenge the attitudes that lie behind them, then they are not fit for office.”


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