Ekin demands respect for Police following Dunmurry incident

Former Belfast Lord Mayor, Tom Ekin, has condemned those who disrespect the authority of the Police, following an incident in Dunmurry earlier this morning in which four officers were struck by a vehicle as they approached its driver.

The Balmoral Alliance Councillor said: “Police were merely doing their job when this individual callously drove into four officers. No regard whatsoever was shown towards the safety of the officers involved.

“I strongly condemn this type of thuggish behaviour and I demand that Police are shown more respect while conducting their work. If we are to build a peaceful and stable society, the Police must be afforded respect and the rule of law must be upheld. This type of behaviour should be met with a consistent and severe penalty from the judiciary, to send out the message that attacks on police officers will not be tolerated.

“I would appeal to anyone who witnessed the incident to contact Police immediately.”


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