Ekin – Belfast Council has demonstrated civic leadership

Alliance Belfast Councillor Tom Ekin has welcomed the unanimous support for a motion which called on Belfast Council to provide civic leadership and urge respect for the principles of dialogue, shared space and equality. The motion was proposed at Belfast Council by Cllr Ekin following a number of violent attacks over the summer in different parts of the city, including one on the Lord Mayor. It was passed following support from all parties.

Cllr Tom Ekin said: “Following a difficult summer, there was a tremendous feeling that there was a need for Belfast Council to show leadership. The decision by the political parties to unanimously support this motion has shown that we can be progressive instead of regressive.

“We are beginning to show the political leadership in Belfast that the public deserves. Belfast Council has delivered a positive message to the City and beyond by agreeing to this motion.

“All Councillors must be expected to maintain and strengthen the civic responsibilities of this Council. It is vitally important that this is demonstrated at all times by every Councillor.”


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