Education can make savings through promotion of a shared future – Lunn

Alliance Education spokesperson Trevor Lunn has said that the Education Minister must abide by the commitments within the Stormont House Agreement around the promotion of integrated education and by tackling of the cost of division.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “The Minister of Education, like all Ministers, faces difficult financial decisions; however I believe his Department could make the greatest level of savings through tackling the cost of division. The Stormont House Agreement committed departments to tackle this issue and to put forward proposals that would promote a shared future. As Sinn Fein have formally ratified this Agreement, the Minister has a duty to meet this commitment.

“The financial package that accompanied the Agreement also included money for integrated and shared education projects and I hope that John O’Dowd will look to promote both and not just shared education.

“Part of the debate on the proposed Education budget for next year has been around protecting school budgets. I believe that the Minister will be able to do this if he looks to make savings in the administration side of his Department – something that he is currently not doing. Too much of his budget is not being spent on pupils, this must change.”


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