East Belfast Alliance representatives call for calm

East Belfast Alliance representatives have called for calm after a second night of violence at an interface in their constituency.

Naomi Long MP and Chris Lyttle MLA made the appeal after a young person was reportedly injured in another night of fighting at the Castlereagh Street and Albertbridge Road junction. The previous night’s trouble saw an officer injured as up to 60 people attacked police.

Mrs Long said the on-going violence could not be allowed to continue.

“The vast majority of people living nearby do not want to see incidents such as these and they serve no purpose other than disturbing residents and businesses. They have life-changing consequences for the young people involved. Police will arrest anyone suspected of illegal behaviour and I would again urge parents to ensure they know where their children are each evening, particularly when schools are on a break.

“This violence only serves to portray East Belfast in a negative light and such behaviour has no place in our community.”

Mr Lyttle said Alliance had been in contact with the local PSNI District Commander following the trouble.

“We spoke to him with a view to urgently convening a meeting alongside police, other elected representatives, and youth and community representatives in order seek a long-term solution to the violence.

“I would hope we can meet in the immediate future so we can work towards stopping any more trouble. A group with a co-ordinated, cross-community response would go a long way towards stopping interface violence here.”


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