East Belfast abduction attempt was ‘sinister’

ALLIANCE Councillor Naomi Long has said that the latest attempt to abduct someone in East Belfast was “sinister and concerning”.

The 19-year-old was walking along the Beersbridge Road on Thursday when a car pulled up beside her and man tried to pull her into the car.

Cllr Long said: “There have been a number of attempts to abduct people in East Belfast and in other places very recently, and it is causing concern, particularly to parents.

“This latest incident was very sinister in nature, and I would urge members of the public to be very vigilant and report suspicious activity to the PSNI immediately.

“While I am relieved no-one wasn’t hurt, it is very worrying that women cannot walk around without the risk of attack, especially this early in the evening in a busy built up area.

“I would ask women in the area to be very cautious and take extra care with their personal safety.”

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